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Hello and welcome to the PC Talk Website!

This website is currently being repurposed from a teaching site to a general Computer and Game discussion site. I hope this becomes your place to visit when you want to hook up with like minded gamers or other computer users.

All current forum members from the Wildtangent Fansite forums will be able to access the old forums here using their old login information.

All public forums and most of the private forums are G-Rated but discussion about any hardware, software, developer, or even other websites and forums is welcome as long as it remains a discussion.

This site has been designed for novice and advanced users alike. We try to maintain the best available resources for computer users. We offer links to freeware and system tools we have found useful. Our forums are available for anyone to see and previously registered members are still allowed posting access.

A gaming forum I had been a member of for a long time closed on 31 January 2014. We got some advanced notice some time in October, so some of the forum members decided to create a new community where everyone could continue to congregate. Portions of the website and the forums found at the resulting Wildtangent Fansite have been relocated here as that site is now closed.

Thank you for visiting, and happy computing!

No classes are currently being offered in conjunction with this website.

Since this is a public website, I decided to offer help in other ways than stricktly through this website. If you go to the National Resource Directory you will find a valuable resource for finding employment. Be careful though, the initial site and many of the internal links are unsecure. Look for "https:" at the beginning of any URL to ensure the site you are visiting is secure.

We have added an official This Is True link on our Links page. It is at the bottom of the page and changes each day. Take a look and enjoy.

An article of some interest to PC users against the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) HERE and a rebuttal HERE you might wish to read both and make up your own mind.

The PC Talk (PCT) Privacy and Information Sharing Policy An Overview

While we strive to protect the privacy of all our members, there are special laws regarding the privacy of certain child users. Therefore we have implemented an extended policy to cover these users. This is an overview of our general website and forum policy with a link to the detailed policy, and the policy regarding child users listed on the link at the bottom of this section.

Your private information is not a commodity for this site or anyone else to buy, sell, or trade. We have no interest in trying to find out who you are. We do not collect any information not required for the site to run.

When you register, the only real information you must provide is a working email address. This is because the forum software requires one if you forget your password. DO NOT use your real name (in fact, it is suggested you use no information that will lead anyone directly to you as an individual). DO NOT use your email address as your username, as this will automatically get you banned for advertising! We do not allow emails as usernames because it is then too simple for spammers to sell such information to their "valid email lists" for spamming purposes. There is also software on the server that this site resides on that monitor page views, bandwidth usage, and traffic use. Only IF abuse of the site occurs are these viewed, or associated with an IP address. "Cookies", small text based files that hold forum statistics, are stored on your computer, if you allow it. Cookies give you the advantage of not having to login every time if you are using a secure computer, not have to wade through hundreds of posts just to find the ones you haven't read yet, and maintain your other forum preferences.

ONLY in the event that you give your personal information in an email or other communication to us will we have any knowledge of who you are. If you choose to email us, we assure you that your name, email address, or other identifying information will be kept confidential. It should not, under any circumstances, be viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). However, the contents of any email becomes the property of PC Talk and may be published (without identifying information) if it is considered relevant. We will never reveal your identifying information in any case, UNLESS we are required by legal warrant or injunction, after due process, to share information in a criminal investigation.

Although you do have a level of anonymity on the internet, it is still required that you use some propriety when developing your profile. Everything must be at least PG rated as we have members of all ages on the forum. Anyone using unacceptable verbiage in their registration will have their application summarily deleted.

This site may provide hyperlinks to offsite web sites. PC Talk is not responsible for the privacy policies (or lack thereof) or any other practices of these sites.

This site resides on iPowerweb.com as a "paid for" host of the PCTalk's domain name. Their Privacy Statement Can Be Read Here iPowerweb.net

To view our general website and forum policy, please click here: GENERAL PRIVACY POLICY or for parents and child users, our full PARENT NOTICE OF CHILD PRIVACY.

We are currently looking for some easy to understand articles having anything to do with computers to post on our site. If you wish to help others and want a chance to become "published", please contact us after you have read the "Materials provided to PCTalk.info Forums" section of our Terms Of Service.

Please note that PCTalk cannot be responsible for the user experience content for any web site visited once you leave our site. The Internet is constantly changing, so is hard to guarantee any site will remain as it was when we first found it. If any of our readers find any problems with sites we link to, we would appreciate you letting us know so we can change our links.


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