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Our Archive's Privacy and Information Sharing Policy

Your private information is not a commodity for this site or anyone else to buy, sell, or trade. We have no interest in trying to find out who you are.

There are cookies set by the server that this site resides on to monitor page views, bandwidth useage, and traffic use. Only IF abuse of the site occurs are these viewed, or associated with an IP address.

When you register, the only real, valid information you must provide is a working email address. This is because the forum software requires one if you forget your password. Though you are not required to use your real name (in fact, it is suggested you use no information that will lead anyone directly to you as an individual), it is still required that you use some propriety when developing your profile. Everything must be at least PG rated as we have students of all ages on the forum. Anyone using inacceptable verbiage in their registration will have their application summarily deleted.

ONLY in the event that you give your personal information in an email or other communication to us will we have any knowledge of who you are.

If you choose to email us, we assure you that your name, email address, or other identifying information will be kept confidential.**

It should not, under any circumstances, be viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient(s).

The contents of the email becomes the property of the Archive Admin and may be published if it is considered relevant. No identifying information will be revealed in any case.**

**Exception** IF we are required by legal warrant or injunction, after due process, to share information in a criminal investigation!

This site provides hyperlinks to offsite web sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies (or lack thereof) or any other practices of these sites.

This site resides on iPowerweb.com as a "paid for" host of PCTalk.info's domain name.

Their Privacy Statement Can Be Read Here iPowerweb.net

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