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Hello and welcome to our FATE and
Fate: Undiscovered Realms Mod Site!

This site has been set up using material from Wildtangent games and avid FATE and Fate: Undiscovered Realms fans. We are hoping to convince TPTB that it should be hosted on the Wildtangent Server so it will always be available.

This site was created under the philosophy that not everyone has a broadband connection. With that in mind, there will be an awful lot of small to medium thumbnails and icons but very few large graphics readily apparent. There will also be enough text to hopefully explain what everything is about. If you want to see the larger graphics that are buried "under the hood", you will have to click on the small pictures where indicated to open up the larger ones. That way you don't have to wait until all 200+MB of graphics loads over a slow connection before you can see anything.

Sorry, if you want a flashy site, other FATE Fan Sites will be listed on this page, a little lower down, so you can perhaps find something a little more to your taste. If, however, you want to see what FATE and FATE: Undiscovered Realms are all about but don't have the time for big flashy pictures to load and load and load ... you are more than welcome to stick around and join this community ... as well as any others you think would be interesting.

Please note that almost all the graphics and much of the descriptive text in this FATE Mod Site were provided by the individual programmers who created the Mods. As such, all material rights is retained by the author

Thank you for visiting and happy gaming!

Please help us: If you come across any links that do not work, please let us know in the forum as soon as possible so we may fix them. We are constantly tinkering with file names and locations. While we try to ensure everything works afterwards, sometimes we miss something.

The Fate Mod Archive discussion is located on the WildTangent Forum.

Fate Fan Sites

Johnny Rotten's Mod Archive
This site is where most of the Fate Mods, Tools, and Tutorials came from. Unfortunately, the site author has been MIA for some time now and this site was started to help provide a central location for all Mods past, present, and future.

El_Heffe's personal mod archive
All these mods are mod manager compatible, and all are .zip files (no .rar here) File size is listed with each link, as well as a link to that mod's forum discussion and a brief description of the mod itself.

Info site for Wildtangent's FATE.

Info site for Wildtangent's FATE, PCTalk mirror.

Reference site for Wildtangent's FATE.

zeeman's FateMods
zeeman's Mod Site. Largly unfinished site since zeeman has gone MIA but we are hoping he will eventually return. In the meantime, you may find his approach to things unique.

D4ST Mod Site
Like this site, currently under construction.


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