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This tutorial was made in collaboration with Madder Hatter, although I must confess the only part I played in the collaboration was the daunting task of editing all the images...


The first step in this lengthy quest is activating The Switch in the Jungle. The closest portal is Na'Fian and the closest warp from the Island of Many Roads is the portal in the Jungle room. The path leads from the Na'Fian portal.

Enter the cave at the above location:

There you will find The Switch:

When you click on it the following message will pop up to let you know you are on to something:

Next you need to find Something Wonderful (there is no quest marker for it). The closest portal is Teardrop Hamlet, and the closest warp from the Island of Many Roads is the portal in the Desert room. The path leads from the Teardrop Hamlet portal.

Enter the cave at the above location:

Upon entering Something Wonderful you discover you are in the lobby of Ascaron Headquarters!

Heiko tom Felde is there and after talking with him he gives you the daunting quest of finding all the Ascaron employees to tell them it's time to begin work on Sacred 3!


Feel free to travel to the different floors. You won't be able to get into any of the offices but when you reach the second floor you get the title "Ascaron Fan".

Now begins the real journey, finding 89 Ascaron Employees spread throughout the land of Ancaria, time to get busy! Oh, you might want to keep your eyes open for all the Easter Eggs you'll find along the way :)

(click the above map to be brought to an interactive map showing all of the NPC locations)

As you travel throughout Ancaria speaking to the NPCs they will randomly say one of 10 possible messages:

1: Oh you're here, good! I'm sure I wouldn't have thought of it. Well then I'll hurry back to my office. Please do come see us!
2: We're finally ready. I'll go buy a few things quickly, and I'll meet you there. You'll come see us, won't you?
3: Thank you for the information. I'll leave right away. You go on and have fun.
4: Great let's go. If you're coming too, bring some candy.
5: Are we ready? Great, we'll have a wonderful time.
6: I'm on my way. Thank you. I hope I'll see you there.
7: Thank you for the information. I think I'll go buy a few cookies on my way. See you soon.
8: The others are already on their way? Well then I'll have to hurry so I can show them how it's supposed to go...
9: Oh... I knew I forgot something! Well then let's go, we don't have all the time in the world.
10: Very good, thank you. Here we go, finally. I'm sure we'll meet again, see you soon.


There is one exception to the above, you get a special treat when talking to Benny Kayser:

He will then give you a set item, we haven't totally figured out how to make sure you get the set item from him though. It might have something to do with how high your ability to find special items is or maybe it has to do with what difficulty level you are in. Heck, it might even be depending on what game version you are playing if you haven't installed all the patches. All I know for sure is that the first time MadderHadder did this quest he didn't get the set item, but the second time (while playing in Niobium) he did.... So anyway here is the item:


So you found them all, time to travel back to Ascaron Headquarters and collect your reward! (A yellow flash will occur when your quest log updates upon finding the last NPC.)

When you arrive back at Ascaron Headquarters, Holger Floettmann will be waiting for you in his office on the third floor:


 After congratulating you he directs you to Bettina Wegner on the second floor, who gives you a key to the lounge so you can put your exhausted feet up for a rest.

Head down to the first floor, you'll find the smoke filled lounge down the hall on the left, get in there and get your well earned reward!

So what is the quest reward, you ask? It will spawn in the Lounge!

Just like with Benny, the first time MadderHatter did the quest the reward was just gold and potions, but the second time he also got two items:


Don't forget to check out all the employees desks for some personable catch phrases, all the doors are unlocked now, including the rest rooms... ugh! check them out at your own risk!

  1. Aarne Jungerberg - Paid holidays? According to §3 of the Level Design Law... NOPE!

  2. Alan Wild - Follow the white rabbit.

  3. Alexander Conde - MABUHAY! Magandang Araw

  4. Anca Finta - Brat alert!

  5. Andreas Liebeskind - Haven't got it, won't get it!

  6. Andreas Mueller - *BAM!!*

  7. Anett Boelke - You just keep attacking the little ones and then expect them to grow.

  8. Antonio Bloise - I don't need sugar in my coffee - I am sweet enough.

  9. Bastian Clarenbach - Software Sales: fast, reliable, cheap - take two!

  10. Bastian Rolf - Why is this still jerky?!

  11. Benny Kayser - I will make this dungeon very dark... with lots of light.

  12. Bettina Wegner - When the parcel express turns up send it to Peter K.

  13. Boris Fornefeld - Legends never die! They only fade away...

  14. Carolyn Hacker - Da original cookie girl.

  15. Catharina Zeiss - Don't touch anything... or I'll melt your face off or something!

  16. Christian Altrogge - Beatus ille qui procul negotiis.

  17. Christian Bus - I Are Dunecat, I Controls the Spice, I Controls the Universe...

  18. Christian Grunwald - This ain't in the concept but it goes without saying. It's like in Sacred 1, obviously!

  19. Christiane Clarenbach - Maternity Break - be right back.

  20. Dag Winderlich - These video games are fun.

  21. Daniel Balster - The 90% rule applies here.

  22. Daniel Dumont - I am official not Jesus

  23. Daniel Lieske - You cannot rush art!

  24. Daniel Mueller - Ancaria's self-destruct sequence stopped at: "00:00:06.31". Have a nice day.

  25. Daniel Sawitzki - Hello Buzztard, thank you for your job offer but I think your games are stupid and I would never work for you. No hard feelings, sincerely, Beef Supreme

  26. Dirk Schumacher - I told you so... but don't worry, we can wangle it!

  27. Elvin Mehmedagic - Naw, we're in a meeting.

  28. Enrico Ausborn - The day has 24 hours, that means it contains three working days!

  29. Eric Lambertz - "Remember, you are well looked after in the Shady Lane morgue." - "Not me, that's for sure!"

  30. Felix Schuller - You still owe me money!

  31. Frank Lunnebach - Aha, and where have you been this time?

  32. Frank Rentmeister - It's not a bug, it's a feature!

  33. Franz Stradal - I stepped up to create something beautiful.

  34. Guido Neumann - Kalawumba

  35. Hans-Arno Wegner - I can't think of anything now but I will consider it...

  36. ** Heiko tom Felde - Let's compromise: You accept my opinion and I am sympathetic towards the fact that you find it difficult.

  37. Helga Parmiter - Do that "just quickly(TM)"

  38. Hoa Tu Ngoc - EEEK!

  39. ** Holger Floettmann - This has got to rock!

  40. James Mearman - This is not obscene, it's a study of a nude. I am an artist after all!

  41. Jan Langerman - Once I can think of it, I will know.

  42. Jan Walczak - I don't have a solution but I admire the problem Real eyes, Realize, Real lies

  43. Janina Gerards - Put a banana in your ear...

  44. Janos Toth - Is the shop of the adventurous hairdresser accross the road open yet?

  45. Jens Eischeid - It could be worse, it will be worse!

  46. Jochen Hofmeier - i'll be back error: too many errors insert coin!

  47. Julian Pies - Wind you neck in, pal!

  48. Kay Struve - 1080p, AA, DVD Streaming, Cell ... I gotta go ...

  49. Lars Berenbrinker - Everything with more than two legs is a bug and must be entered in the database!!!

  50. Lars Hammer - Impossible. It works for me!

  51. Marc Oberhaeuser - ...and can I just add: I hate you all and thank no one but myself.

  52. Mario Endlich - I look at it without any emotions.

  53. Mark Intelman - Why am I the only normal human being on this planet?!

  54. Mark Kieschke - Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue. Guru Meditation #00000004 0000AAC0

  55. Mark Kuelker - Laganum mendacium est!

  56. Marko Giertolla - My swords have arrived, I gotta go.

  57. Markus Haeublein - Close the world, txEn eht nepO.

  58. Matthias Suess - roflol, he said lol!

  59. Maximilian Mantz - Where's a way, there's a will. If there is no will, there's a reason.

  60. ** Megatron

  61. Melanie Thiemann - Anyone got any sweets?

  62. Michael Bussler - Let's go have a smoke...

  63. Michel Dumont - Approved for age 12+? I best keep my mouth shut then.

  64. Morris Roehle - YOU LOOK LIKE *beep* WARMED UP!!! GO TO BED!

  65. Nadim Affani - But I like that cookie...

  66. Ole Metzdorf - I'm gonna get myself another coffee.

  67. Peter Grimsehl - Just as soon as you do it right it will work!

  68. Peter Kullgard - You can send anyone... but Rente!

  69. Peter Luber - Basically, it works like this, but...

  70. Raimund Lingen - Who messed with the database?

  71. Ralf Armin Boettcher - Let me measure your game flow so we can make this game even better!

  72. Ralph Ruediger - Stop blathering, start coding!

  73. Ralph Roder - Coach, what can we do?

  74. Roger Boerdijk - Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build better and bigger idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

  75. Roger Swindells - It's closed everything! I must have clicked on the wrong button.

  76. Sebastian Fleer - I'm sure you're all drinking varnish!

  77. Sebastian Walter - There's no 'i' in team but there is an 'i' in pie. There's an 'i' in meat pie. The anagram of meat is team... ^^

  78. Simon Kranz - Unable to reproduce...

  79. Simon Truempler - I hate stupid gravestone captions...

  80. Simon Voelker - Que sera, sera

  81. Stefan Hinz - Come closer - your skull and my necklace would go well together.

  82. Stefan Maton - Pour ma femme Christelle qui me comprend, qui me soutient et qui ne rouspète pas trop quand je passe mon temps jusque tard le soir devant l'ordinateur pour travailler... Stefan Maton

  83. * Stefan Ruthenberg - Hey, how much is the sound of a left, male footstep on gravel when you buy it from someone else? Ah, here it is, 2 meters 10 Euro. Sure, it costs an arm and a leg to be one step beyond.

  84. * Stefan Ruthenberg - Hi Lars. Was channel 42 the ceiling center or the second back subwoofer? I swear, I ain't got a clue anymore since they invented 48.3 surround...

  85. Steffen Schulze - Hang on... we have to discuss that first!

  86. Stephan Hodes - Concerning performance issues, a wise man once said: Programmers love strings. Love hurts.

  87. Steve Manekeller - Looks crap but it's a great idea.

  88. Thomas Daehling - I just implemented something else...

  89. Tobias Berghoff - Fnord.

  90. Torsten Allard - Oy, keep out!

  91. Torsten Meier - You feel intelligent and cosmopolitan? No problem! Please use the brick under my keyboard in order to teleport back to the stone age! Use at your own peril!

  92. Ulf Winkelmann - I am not screaming. When I scream you will know about it!

  93. Uygar Kalem - Problems that you cannot solve must be eliminated.

** Not an NPC you need find in Ancaria for the quest.
 * He has two desks, but you only need to find him once.


Good luck!


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