Act I- Paths of Destiny

(all characters)

Act I begins differently for each character class then merge into the same Quest line... The following Main Quests are for all the character classes and are listed in the order they are given:


All Characters:

To skip to a certain quest quickly click on the quest name above.


For King and Country / For the Crown of Ancaria:

The name for this Quest varies by character class but it remains the same otherwise. The starting map location is shown per character in their own tutorials so you can see the differences in it's name... here is one of the mini-map shots of the location:

Standing by the bridge is a soldier, speak to him:


You will now be directed to this location:


Speak to Sergeant Treville who is standing beside the bridge:



Go South to the following location:


There will be many orcs guarding the camp, they are lead by Marikosh:


When the area is safe go into the last tent, marked above, and speak to Wilbur:


Go South to Urkenburg:


Speak to Prince Valor, he is standing  in the rear of the fort:


Prince Valor will drop a Portal Rune:


It can be used in the portal just above him:


The portal will bring you back to the orc camp:


On a Diplomatic Mission:

Go North to the following location:


Once you cross the bridge the location will change to Crow's Rock Castle:


Speak with DeMordrey, who can be found inside the building marked above:


DeMordrey's Signet Ring will appear in the Quest Item Log:


Go to the following location at Icecreek Pass:


Speak with the Sharuka Captain who is standing in front of the tent marked above:


The group of Sharuka warriors and the Captain will now attack you:


During the fight Wilbur will die no matter what you do... speak to him before he dies:


NOTE: Normally as part of the main quest Wilbur will die, however there is a trick to keeping him alive for the whole campaign:

  1. Quicksave (F9) before talking to the Sharuka Captain.
  2. Go through the fight normally, to the point where you talk to Wilbur and you get the dialog box with the text "Treachery! Ride on to Wyvren Pass! Warn the prince that the snake DeMordrey is not going to send troops and that he has betrayed us..."
  3. While that dialog box is still up, quickload (F8), then click the dialog box and you will be in Act II with Wilbur still alive.

Note that you must use quickload and quicksave, and after you do the quickload part it will look like you haven't done the quest yet - do not talk to him again at this point, just proceed down to Wyvren Pass and continue with Act II.

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