Spider Desert


The Spider Desert is the large desert of Shaddar-Nur (click the mini-map to enlarge it):


If you are coming from the West the desert will start just after the dragon skeleton:

There are a number of enemies in this desert, you will come across Tarantula Gravis, a variety of Mummies, Sand Lizards, Black Harpies of Shaddar-Nur and Sakkara Priests as well as whatever the Priests spawn (Tuskers, Fire Harpies, Lesser Fire Demons, etc.). But what bring you to the Spider Desert are the "champion" and "boss" level Tarantula Mortis which are great for experience and can drop some good items on occasion. While you want to be careful of the Sakkara Priests, because they can be a real pain, they are also a benefit to the area since they can bring back to life a Tarantula Mortis seconds after it dies which means double the experience for you! The other huge benefit is that there are many caves surrounding the desert that you can use to re-spawn the area:


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