Tyr-Fasul & Tyr-Hadar

Side Quests



Plains of Tyr-Hadar:

This quest starts with two huntress' who are standing at a fork in the path leading to Tyr-Hadar:


Go to the elf fort in Tyr-Hadar (the huntress' don't need to survive the journey):


Speak with the Captain who is standing in front of the tent on the Eastern side of the fort:


At this point you can either hunt down and kill the Priestess' to complete this quest or you can go Accept the Unexpected Aid quest and then kill the Priestesses in order to get credit for both quests. If you do not Accept the Unexpected Aid quest before killing any of the Priestesses then you won't be able to do that quest at all. So we will skip right down to Unexpected Aid...

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