Bounty Hunt


Bounty Hunt isn't an actual "quest" since it does not appear in your Quest Log and there are no Quest Flags to show you the way, but it has some great rewards and is very fun to do if you have the time to play it out. It all begins in the Eastern part of Timberton (in the center of the white circle below):


In front of the inn (by the white dot that marks where my character is standing) you will find Richford:

Hey won't have a ?! above his head to let you know he has a quest, since this isn't really a quest. If you speak to him anyway he says:

Just to the right of him is a funny "wanted sign", it says "Wanted, Dead or DEAD, Have you seen this chicken?, 500 EGGS REWARD!",  :

If you click on the sign a message will pop up telling you of a "wanted" creature and where they can be found. It is a bit vague is some occasions so you have to wander around the specified area and search for them. The creatures are always in the same location though, and thanks to Jeroen Braamhaar and Llama8 there is a list of all their EXACT locations:


Bounty: Name: Location: Nearest Portal:
Dark Elf warrior East of South Hedgenton Athurion 3283, 2101, 0 Hedgenton
Minotaur in the North of the Silver Creek region Azathot 2667, 2839, 0 Porto Vallum
Goblin Shaman East of Moorbrook Baltasar 4321, 1895, 0 Valley of Zhurag-Nar
Outlaw spitting on statue near Mascarell Bogomir 1894, 3238, 0 Mascarell
Sakkara Priest East of Wolfdale Boris 1816, 1996, 0 None - WALK!
Female cutpurse South of Porto Draco Calisto 2169, 3580, 0 Mascarell
Scoundrel North East of arena near Bellevue Darkeagle 3300, 2641, 0 Bellevue
Black magician East of Faeries Crossing Exp. Creature VXIII 1953, 2975, 0 None - WALK!
Orc leader North of Porto Vallum graveyard Gilbert 2575, 3003, 0 Porto Vallum
Female Elf North of Timberton Gul Har 1356, 2574, 0 None - WALK!
Sakkara Priest East of Gloomoor Hator 4058, 1780, 0 Valley of Zhurag-Nar
Troll in the peat bog in Highmarsh Hatuni 3335, 1512, 0 Valley of Zhurag-Nar
Magician by the cages of undead in Mystdale Hinsch 4193, 2487, 0 Mystdale Castle
Orc Shaman East of Florentina Homer 2391, 3034, 0 Porto Vallum
Sakkara Priest East of Bravesbury Kaspar 2867, 2592, 0 Braverock Castle
Deserter of DeMordrey's Guard outside Western gate in Braverock Laoshi 2322, 2186, 0 Braverock Castle
Nasty robber in Shires Pen tavern L.S.P. 2213, 2526, 1 None - Walk!
Deranged Magician at crossroads by Drakenden tavern Robin 3862, 2196, 0 Mystdale Castle
Diabolical witch East of the Poor Men's Quarter in Crow's Rock Simba 1830, 2351, 0 None - WALK!
Ronin in the graveyard of Slater's Grave Theharenod 1454, 2514, 0 None - WALK!
Dark Elf by Seraphim statue South of Bravewall T'Man 2903, 1951, 0 Braverock Castle
NOTE:   If you are playing Multiplayer it is quicker to go to the Haven Isle and use the Portal Room to Gloomoor in order to reach both Hator and Baltasar.


The way to bring up the coordinate meter is to hold Ctrl and click F on your keyboard, you will see some small white numbers appear in the top left corner of the screen.

If you would like to see screenshots of their locations and the creatures themselves click here. I suggest reading the rest of the tutorial first though.

Each time you kill a bounty speak to Richford and he will reward you with gold and experience, he also on occasion might drop a rune or set item, he will always say the same thing:

After speaking to Richford click on the wanted sign for the next bounty. After you have done quite a few you might get the following  message instead of a bounty target:

A quick way to get your next target is to click on Richford who will just tell you to check the sign, then click on the sign again, go back and forth between the two until you get another bounty.

After killing all 21 bounties Richford will give a final reward of the Ancarian Medal of Honor as well as 2 attribute and 2 skill points, this time his message changes:

The Ancarian Medal of Honor is always specific to your character class:


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