What is a "cookie"?

Cookies are special pieces of information that allow our site to identify you on subsequent visits to our site. Cookies do not harm your computer. They may, however, collect information other than you would wish collected. Our cookies are only in place to help you log back in easily, they collect no additional information and we use them for no other purpose.


Temporary Cookies

Our web site requires the use of "temporary" cookies. The concept is similar to visiting a theme park and receiving a hand stamp which allows entrance and exit throughout the day. Temporary cookies do not actually write anything to your hard drive.


Permanent Cookies

Certain actions on our web site employ the use of permanent cookies. These allow the site to identify you and save some of your preferences. Unlike a temporary cookie, that is similar to a day pass at a theme park, a permanent cookie is like a long-term pass. Permanent cookies write a small text file to your hard drive.


Browser Cookie Settings

Listed below are examples of the steps taken to view your browser's cookies settings:


If using Invernet Explorer

If using Netscape

Internet Explorer 6

·         Click Tools

·         Click Internet Options …

·         Click Privacy

·         Set the slider to your desired level of privacy.

Netscape 6

·         Click Edit Menu

·         Click Preferences

·         Select Privacy & Security

Internet Explorer 5

·         Click Tools

·         Click Internet Options…

·         Click Security

·         Click the Internet icon

·        Click Custom Levels - then scroll to Cookies

Netscape Communicator 4

·         Click Edit Menu

·         Click Preferences

·         Select Advanced


Internet Explorer 4

·         Click View

·         Click Internet Options…

·         Click Advanced

·        Scroll down to Security - then scroll to Cookies



To view your cookie settings on a browser not listed above, refer to your browser's documentation.