Tips on some advanced options available with Outlook Express.


These tips are aimed specifically at Outlook Express that comes bundled with Windows but, with some slight alteration, should work with many other email clients such as Outlook and Novell NetMail to name just two.


                     Keep your inbox as empty as possible so it doesn't start to feel overwhelming.

                     Create sub-folders to hold incoming email.

                     Create message rules to automatically sort your incoming email for you.



Creating sub-folders to help sort incoming emails:

                     Select Local Folders and then right-click on it to bring up a menu,

                     From the menu select New Folder,

                     Give your new folder a name and press the enter key.


Creating Mail Message Rules:

                     Create an appropriate sub-folder for your Mail Message Rule to place incoming email,

                     From the Menu Bar select Tools,

                     From the Tools Menu highlight Message Rules, slide over to the new menu and select Mail...,

                     Click on the New button which is on the right of the resulting window,

                     A new window opens titled "New Mail Rule". In this window you will accomplish five tasks:


1) Select the conditions for your rule. I usually only select "Where the From line contains people",


2) Select the actions for your rule. I usually only select "Move it to the specified folder",


3a) Single left-click on contains people and enter the information exactly as it appears in the received email header,


3b) Single left-click on specified and select the folder for new incoming email to be moved into. You may have to single left-click on the plus (+) sign in front of Local Folders to see all the locations that are available.


4) Highlight the information below "Name of the rule:" and give your new rule a name that makes sense to you so you can remember what it does.