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Hello and welcome to the PCTalk Fansite Index!

I am starting to get involved with other groups, especially gamers, and will place any game Fansites I start in here. Thank you for visiting, and happy computing!

Torchlight, a new game by Runic Games, caught my eye as I was a Beta Tester for Mythos written by the same group. I decided to start a Fansite for it to see what I could find. Not much there at the moment but, if things work out, I hope it will become one of the places to go for Torchlight information.

I enjoy playing computer games and have decided to create my first ever Fan Site for Sacred 2 which has now been released. The site is still under construction but you are welcome to stop by and take a look and even comment on the progress if you want. I have set up a marker system so it will be obvious what is finished, what is being worked on, and what is yet to be started.

I am trying to help the Wildtangent FATE Community create a more enduring FATE Mod Archive for the games FATE and FATE: Undiscovered Realms. While I didn't come up with the original idea, I seem to have some extra resources that allow me to set up a testing and development area for the Archive. If things work out right, it will be moved to the Wildtangent servers upon completion.

I have started a new Website called Wildtangent Fansite. Despite the name, the idea is to have an open platform for discussion of any game by any developer on any platform ... including non-digital.

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