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Class 0508 - Webbing It At The Stanton Center

Stanton Center is a great resource center to further your computer knowledge. Not only do you learn how to turn the computer on or search the internet for the latest new recipe; you'll learn the trade tools on how to design your own website. Others can click on your website too.

Learning about computers the second time around has me racking my brain. I have learned a lot. I have been asked why I go there but those who ask don't know what they are missing. Our 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm days at the Stanton Center have been enjoyable. Once you get started it's "go for it." The teacher keeps you laughing while you're learning all through the class.

I was interested in attending school prior to taking the Basic Computer course here at The Stanton Community Center. I was unsure of what my course of study would be but I did have the desire to learn new things. I've completed the Basic with a certificate and now I'm taking the Intermediate class. I find the course to be challenging but I'm still learning.

Here at Stanton Center is a community organization that offers a lot of exciting opportunities, as well as a learning tool for today's business world. Computer classes are being taught from Basics to Pre-Tech classes. Camps are set up for the children of various ages; after school activities are offered as well like "Home Away From Home." The children here have a lot of fun. They have a chance to take trips out, going to the skating rink, zoo, parks and other fun activities.

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