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Class 0511

Flying high at the Stanton Center
Past and future airline employees

Flying was a former career for Just Us
And a future career for Gabby

Just Us

As a past employee of the airlines I had the pleasure to work as a flight attendant. I flew in the days when you served more than peanuts and a coke if your flight was over an hour. I flew in the days when the cockpit was dominated by the male population. I flew in the days when there was a smoking and non-smoking section. Due to health concerns and boredom I decided to leave flying to the birds.


A current cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, I hope to attend the Air Force Academy and go on to serve in the military. After I've served in the Air Force I hope to go on to work for the airlines as a pilot. However for now I'll just keep working hard and looking ahead toward my goals.

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