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Three of us, as comrade in arms, built up enough enthusiam and audacity to face the modern territory of cyberspace and computer technique.

It was sheer coincidence that we read a brief announcement pertaining to a computer course for beginners at a nearby venue Stanton Community Center in Annapolis.

In early January, 2007, we started our computer journey with a seasoned and prestigious mentor. He helped us over many hurdles by explaining difficulties in a down-to-earth manner.

All along we have admired our mentor Chuck's skills of teaching and his amazing patience. However, on a few occasions, he had to resort to his soft red hammer to keep us focused on the proper sequences of clicking in order to open up new windows and menus. But of utmost importance were the discipline to keep up with making continuous entries from the blackboard into our notebooks on Acronyms, Shortcuts and special discussions on handouts.

Chuck's cache memory amazed us on many occasions and always enriched our understanding of computer science. His frequent interspersions of humorous comments lifted our spirits. His encouragements during periods of despondency fortified us to pursue further computer studies.

Finally, we crossed the digital divide to the satisfaction of our children and friends!

Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, danke schoen, and a big thank you!
The three Musketeers

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