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Class 0805 - Seekers of Knowledge

Web Graphics

When I think of web graphics, the one word that comes to me is "fun". From the very first time I attempted to create a web page, following steps to create a "shiny" button, animated a display, created a CSS design - no matter how useful they are, these uses of graphics have been, and should be, fun. Contrary to expectations, one doesn't have to be a professional graphics artist or designer to have fun with web pages. I don't consider myself to be especially artistic, and I'm definitely not a designer by trade. However, I do have a web graphic design business called CABINA'S TYPE that I started August, 2007. This is my third computer class under the leadership of Chuck Vining who makes learning fun, but teaching you at the same time. He is patient, caring and thoughtful.

Outside of free drawing, or originating graphical concepts or designs, more effects can be re-created just by following given steps or using well-designed and documented tools and technologies, You don't have to spend thousands, either. Tools range from free to hundreds of dollars, with most of us able to get by with those tools toward the free end of the spectrum. Even those tools that have a price tag have trials, so can give the tool a run before deciding to buy.

Regardless of your artistic ability, the state of your pocketbook, or your experience, one thing that you do need before working with web graphics is an interest in trying new things. You also need to be willing to dip your toes into various web technologies, because many web-based graphics are based on technologies such as CSS and Java Script.

Cabina's Type

About Books

Literary Books is to read, Open looked at listened to preview and view.

Philosophy thinking, Exclusive offerings, certain few, Sophisticated complex or complicated. High value saving on all goods. Discover what's inside the discovery channel for you. The wait is over we pass the test, now pay attention to the pop Quiz and then the Exam, Good Luck.

Sincere Initialing P.S. Coolbreeze


I enjoy reading, mostly love reading, books by Harleqlin Romance. I have read about a thousand books. Some times mystery and entrigued action suspense. Harleglin Presents, also fantasy book by Sherrily Kenyon, a new action filled historical series by Andrea Pickens, and a book by Jodi Picoult call My Sister's Keeper.


Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!

The beauty I see is within the planning of a wedding, birthday, or babyshower event, making invitations, decorating a site, preparing a gift basket. Knowing that during this time there will be love, peace, laughter, and joy in someone else's life. To know that they're blessed while escaping the harsh reality of the worlds unkindness temporaily. To sum it all up: this is why I love event planning!!

Forever Delightful!

Get some bait (worms), put it on the hook, drop it in the water. Then watch the fish bite. It should take you a half of an hour to bring your fish in. To me fishing is peaceful, and relaxing, plus I can sleep! Also I love to cut the fish up and pull the bones from their spine, umm.... and they taste so good fried. I feel like being in the boat is like being close to God out in the deep blue sea. Nothing surrounding you but water. That's all I have to say about that!!

KBK Green, Inc.

For the last few decades the Chesapeake Bay has been my Shangri-la. Reading the novel:"Chesapeake" by James Michener was revealing and inspiring , and told me about its flora and fauna of this immense body of water. Its origin dates back some ll,ooo years, and was shaped by the glaciers of the ICE AGE. Its name is derived from an Indian language and alludes to "great shellfish growing water" It is a very important shipping lane to the port of Baltimore.

Living at the Magothy, which is a tributary to the Bay, came in handy for fishing and crabbing from our pier. The most delectable fish is the striped bass, locally called"rockfish", other catches are blue fish and white perch. Unfortunately, the pollution of the Bay has remained a great concern to politicians and watermen alike. The commercial fishermen are harvesting crabs during the summertime and oysters during the colder months. The pollution of the Bay is largely caused by run-offs of fertilizers, pesticides from the surrounding farms and heavy industries in the Baltimore region. Another culprit to this dilemma remains the heavy international traffic of freighters as well as the increasing summer motorboat activities.

In the middle of the 20th century, in the earlier years of our living at the Magothy, we used to go swimming, but not anymore! Catching, steaming, and feasting on these succulent "Blue Crabs" (calinectes sapidus) is still a special hobby. Lets hope that the joint efforts of the abutting states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia will increase their efforts to reduce the mounting pollution.

Kurt von Kospa
Sans Souci

Poetry is my exscape from the real world. Whether im happy, sad, angry, or just in deep thought. I've read all sorts of poetry, but I love writing my own the most. I can be myself on paper and I dont have to worry about anyone judging me. It also helps me create a fantasy world that I always wanted to be a part of. My brain is a big amusement park, with lots of thoughts, exciting new things, and fantasies floating around. It takes a real spiritual person with a wild imagination and a way with words to write poetry. I guess I can just say I have the "GIFT!"

Treasured Thoughts

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