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Class 0811 - Two Strong Hearts!

Be what you want to be. Learning to have values.
In order to reach happiness, we must make sure that we always have a goal that is important for us. We must raise a purpose in us that offers a deep personal interest; something that allows us to enjoy dedicating twelve to fifteen hours per day to it, and the rest of the time to reflect upon it.

What we think in our subconscious mind and we feed with repetive emotion will become reality someday. You are your deep and constant desire. As is your desire, is your will; as is your will, is your effort, and as is your effort, is your destiny.


Hello! This message is for those who have major problems with their spouses. They should not not be afraid to separate if they think it will make an improvement in their situation. The important thing is to know how to important you are. You need to learn to love yourself before children become involved.

It is a big decision but, especially if children are involved, you need to weigh your future well-being against the possibility of improving your current situation. it is a mistake to think you must stay together for the children. It is more important to have a quality environment in which to raise them, not whether they have both parents. Please do not wait until your life is destroyed. make a decision on your life as soon as possible.

We always thought, "I will always be with you." but this is difficult when children are born as your life undergoes a huge change. If there is no love or respect before children are born, there will be none after. Too often couples mistake lust for love.


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