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Get to know the different characters on this page that you will meet when you play Sacred 2.



She is an adept of ranged combat. She has also mastered the magic of nature, and even practices dark voodoo, which she can use to collect shrunken heads from her enemies!


High Elf

She lives and breathes magic! Inside the walls of the magic academy in Thylysium she studied the ancient lore - now, she is about to set off into the unknown.

The young master pupil is eager to learn more, and she begins her adventures hoping that she will uncover even more secrets in order to expand her knowledge. If she wins acclaim along the way, so much the better!

The Story
Strange and dreadful stories reach the gates of the ancient academy of magic in Thylysium. The tales carry bleak news about horrifying incidents: Apparently, entire landscapes have been infested with the chaotic power of the T-Energy. Tidings of mutated animals and monstrous creatures in the north of the country are being heard. The world is on the brink of a major disaster and nobody seems to be able to avert the imminent danger.

The Masters of the academy send their best student to find out what is going on in Ancaria. That is the moment the High Elf has been waiting for! Finally, she will be able to use her magical abilities and to prove her wisdom.

Her hunger for adventures and her insatiable desire to increase her knowledge are essential conditions to reach that goal.

The Paths
Following the path of shadow, the High Elf will seize the opportunity to lead her house back to where it once belonged: To the very top of the High Elven society. During her travels across Ancaria she intends to find powerful allies and to improve her magical abilities. She is scheming to reinstate her family as sovereigns, and to place herself at the top of the academy. In order to reach this goal, she is prepared to destroy literally everything...

Or maybe she will choose the path of light?

This would be the perfect moment to intervene! Ancaria is in turmoil. Injustice, oppression and hatred are commonplace. The Humans must finally be freed from slavery and they must be given power to vote. Now is the time to lead the world into a more secure future.



He is a very dark figure, always clothed in robes. The soul of the Inquisitor is as dark as the magic he uses, and his methods in hand-to-hand combat are just as twisted.



The Fallen Angels! These mystical and angelic creatures are the oldest inhabitants of Ancaria. In SACRED 2 - FALLEN ANGEL the player can assume the role of a Seraphim and protect the world from chaos.

The Seraphim is a fast, elegant and acrobatic warrior from a mystical, technological future. She fights with light to medium weapons and, if required, with massive technological support.

The Story
The Seraphim were once chosen by the Gods to protect Ancaria from danger and disaster. Having followed their calling for eons, the Seraphim began to lose interest in protecting the world from chaos. Their own needs moved more and more to the forefront. Today, only a few remember their vocation and continue to battle for peace and justice. The player has the opportunity to lead one of these creatures through the mysterious world of Ancaria.

The Winged Warrior - sublime, wise and ancient.
These immortal beings usually have very fair skin. The Seraphim impresses the beholder with her elegant and immaculate appearance. Austere eyes without pupils, which express her strength of character and decisiveness, can penetrate the darkness. Her golden hair falls onto her shoulders and frames her fine features.

The Seraphim is able to wear heavy and technical armor while maintaining her speed and elegance.

What would an angel be without wings? The most striking feature of the Seraphim is her wings, which serve her as a deadly weapon but also as protective armor.

Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior-a mighty weapon in battle! Enslaved and trained by the High Elves, he excels at melee fighting. They turned him into an elite warrior following only one burning ambition: Victory in battle! He died on the battlefield but was brought back to life from his eternal slumber.

Now, he travels between the realm of the dead and the world of the living.

The Story
The Shadow Warrior used to be a Human elite guard and he fought bravely for his sovereign during the numerous battles of the High Elven empire. His strength in battle made him a living nightmare dreaded by his enemies. Thus, he was his warlord's ultimate weapon. His strength, discipline and obedience were second to none.

However, inevitably the day will dawn, when even the best of warriors will meet his honorable end on the battlefield. The Gods called upon the elite guard's soul and brought it to the golden halls of fame where he would eternally rule as a mighty warlord.

Yet his High Elf General had different plans for him! He wanted to see him return to the battle field. Therefore, he decided to bring back the warrior's soul from the realm of the dead binding it to his lifeless body.

Elven High Priests performed an ancient ritual in order to raise him from the dead and attempted to combine it with T-Energy. Alas, the warrior's will was unrelenting and he defied the priests. The ritual failed! The Human elite fighter became the Shadow Warrior - an undead being with a sharp mind. Raging that he had been torn from paradise he killed all those present at the ceremony and escaped.

Now, he travels between the worlds as an undead being. His only desire is to return to the golden halls of the Elysium in order to find his peace. Alas, the gates are firmly locked and will not admit beings into the eternal halls if they have been created by T-Energy. Even death would not mean salvation; instead, it would throw him into the eternal doom of the dark maelstrom.

Which Path should the Shadow Warrior Pursue?

Deep within the Shadow Warrior a spark of Humanity is still glowing. He may fight for the peace and liberation of Ancaria while striving to contain the T-Energy that is currently uncontrollable. Thus, the T-Energy that flows through his body would be drained, ending his unholy life peacefully.

However, he may also pursue the dark path. His hatred concentrates on those, who brought him back. His ambition is gaining control over the T-Energy in order to reach the ultimate power.

Deeply torn by his inner conflict he is about to begin his journey through the world of Ancaria...

The Shadow Warrior is an experienced fighter. He is well armored and his skills include the proficient wielding of all available slashing, crushing and pole arm weapons. His self-discipline is second to none. Powered by all these attributes he excels at battling T-Energy creatures. His strength and constitution make him a tough and dangerous opponent. At the same time, he has a decisive advantage on living specimens: he is still in contact with the Realm of the Dead. However, the significance of this unholy alliance becomes only apparent on the battlefield.

Temple Guardian

An archaic cyborg, gifted with the ability to alter his head and his arm. He is very dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, but has also mastered technological weapons. Due to the nature of his origin, he has mastered the powerful T-Energy, and can change his environment with it.
Across Ancaria you will find many horse dealers. They offer all kinds of animals, from the simple nag up to a real war horse. You can equip a war horse with bridle, saddle and even special armor. These special mount items can be found in the game just like player items, ranging in quality from regular to rare and even unique items.

In addition, every character also has a unique mount created specifically for their character class. This mount not only fits the personality of the character, but also complements the various aspects of the character's playing style perfectly.

Some mounts offer the player a higher travel speed. All mounts supply the mounted hero with additional bonuses, which are mostly defensive. Certain mounts are even capable of improvising and adapting some of the player's combat arts!

Players can fight while mounted or not, and each method offers a different tactical approach. The choice of whether or not to ride will be made by players for many different reasons, and we will insure that Sacred 2-Fallen Angel offers players that choice.


No information available at this time.


The special mount of each character class is designed specifically for that class. The Tiger is the special mount for the Seraphim. No further information available at this time.


The special mount of each character class is designed specifically for that class. The Hellhound is the special mount for the Shadow Warrior. No further information available at this time.

Enemies and Beasts

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Kobolds are mean little pests infesting the western regions of Ancaria. Treacherous, cunning and unscrupulous, they will always defend the territory they currently consider their own. They are also big cowards, avoiding direct confrontations whenever they can and preferring to fight with superior numbers or in ambushes - both, if possible.

Kobolds live together in clans and tribes, worshiping idols and totems - or the stuff currently boiling in the pots on their fires. Often their clans are at loggerheads. Fights and skirmishes are the order of the day. But when facing a common enemy, they fight side by side.

Ordinary Kobolds are neither warriors nor shamans. They are simply part of their clan, just peons among countless other peons. These Kobolds don't like leaving the security of their camps, and the vicinity of their cooking pots.

Kobold warriors are exactly that: warriors. They know little more than combat, eating and drinking. Kobolds don't follow any particular combat strategy. Instead, they run after their leader and beat or poke anything he beats or pokes. They don't care whether their victim is a deer or a dragon.

It takes a lot for a Kobold grunt to become a leader. He must have strength and courage, but also the ability to size up the enemy. Kobold leaders are both the warrior and intellectual elite to their people.

Kobold hunters are ranged fighters supporting the warriors from a safe distance. One could argue that Kobold hunters are slightly bigger cowards than their already quite cowardly brethren. In the past, Kobold hunters used to prepare their arrows with poisons and other potions. That approach turned out to be rather unsuitable, because it is a custom among Kobolds to feast on their fallen enemies.

Enemy Type: Kobold
Family: Earth Spirit
Behavior: Social among themselves, hostile towards almost anybody larger than themselves, allied with Trolls
Distribution: Northwest Ancaria
Population: Very High
Size: Tiny
Power: Weak
Attitude: Chaotic-evil
Quote: "Grab 'em and hack 'em!"


No information available at this time.


Orcs have always been a warrior nation. Their hearts long for battle, and each of them is willing to sacrifice their life for their or their clan's honor - if they really have to. There is an ancient Orcish proverb: "Only when they tear the sword from my cold dead hand am I defeated!"

Orcs are also very social creatures. They live in groups, clans and village communities. There, away from the battlefields, everything is clearly structured. Women enjoy the warriors' protection and in return educate the children, provide and prepare food and take care of each day's errands.

The Orcs' culture, craft and art may seem primitive at first glance. Still, they follow strict rules with both clear and practical laws. Orcish weapons in particular bear comparison to Elven weapons when it comes to effectiveness and durability.

Orcs live in huts and houses that they adorn with detailed wood carvings, bones and horns. They usually dress in furs and dyed fabric clothes, and use bones and horns to make their appearance even more frightening. Only warriors of the highest rank are allowed to wear plate armor.

Civil war has been raging in the Orcish realms of northwest Ancaria for years. Two clans, the Ore-Thag and the Grurag, are fiercely fighting for dominance. While this struggle occurs, many smaller tribes stay neutral - ready to start flying the victorious side's colors at just the right moment.

The Orc Warrior
Orc warriors form the bulk of the Orcish armies. There, young Orcs eager to test their mettle in combat as well as older Orcs, who never managed to join the ranks of the elite, fight side by side. Still, common Orc warriors are deadly enemies who can make perfect use of their weapons.

In combat most Orcs prefer blade weapons, the looks of which already strike fear into their enemies' hearts. The Orcs' fighting technique focuses on disabling the enemy with a single strike. "You may ignore flesh wounds - but not broken bones" is dogma to Orcish combat trainers.

In general Orc warriors are not afraid of wounds. According to rumors, Orc warriors actually yearn for the pain caused by wounds to get into some sort of combat rage. Allegedly, with every new wound, their strikes with the mighty two-handed weapons become more powerful. Thus far, no one who has ever returned from a battle against Orcs was able to confirm those rumors...

Enemy Type: Orc
Class: WarriorKrieger
Family: Goblinoid
Behavior: Aggressive, courageous
Distribution: Northwest Ancaria
Size Class: Humanoid
Combat Strength: Dangerous
Alignment: Chaotic
Quote: "If it doesn't run, eat it. If it runs, kill it. Then eat it."


No information available at this time.


No information available at this time.


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