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Cell - Reviews and Software for Cellular and Mobile phones. I have attempted to segregate those that are easily viewed via tiny cell phone screens to the beginning of the page.

Freeware - Software the author has created and is knowingly allowing to be distributed and used free of any charge.

Hardware - Information about hardware and hardware drivers.

ShareWare (Pay if You keep) - Commercial software that the author wishes everyone to "share" with everyone else so they do not need to pay for distribution. But they expect you to register your copy and pay for it if you continue to use it.

Commercial (Payware) - Created and marketed, usually by large companies but sometimes by single individuals. It is required that you pay for this software, usually before you get a chance to even try it.

UNIX/Linux Only - A mixture of various UNIX/Linux site links. All Freeware unless otherwise marked.

Educational - An area dedicated to listing those sites offering further insite into some aspect of computer science. Usually there is no downloadable or purchasable software. All reading is done on-site.

Games - Game software we have personally tried and liked or that some of our senior members recommend.

Other Resources - Other web sites and/or forums with additional useful information that may or may not have commercial content and may or may not require membership to get information.
Ask any question! Allexperts.com is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet.

Aunty Spam's Net Patrol
Useful and entertaining site containing information about those we love to hate.

Babel Fish Translation - translate blocks of text or entire website pages.

The instant-on support community for sharing answers, ideas, and solutions.

Site containing information and activities for those over 50.

Free PC Newsletter.

PC Answers
Another, more established forum, for help with PC problems. As here, membership is required to post.

PC Answers FAQ and Solutions
FAQ answering some of the more common computer related problems. As here, membership is required to post.

Many online stores allow for a "coupon" or "promotion" code when you order to automatically assign discounts, deals and freebies (kinda like money for nothing). RetailMeNot.com is a place for finding and sharing these coupon codes. So... when you buy online, check here for discounts first!

A searchable resource for downloadable Freeware and Shareware programs.

Check spelling for a single word or an entire page up to 20,000 characters.

Here you'll find a wealth of resources to help you fight spyware and adware.

Another forum to go to for help with Personal Computers.

This Is True
A newsletter I enjoy that helps me to feel a little more intelligent.

Creative Solutions to the Problem of Spam. (80% of children online report receiving inappropriate unsolicited email messages on a daily basis!)

WhatIsMyIP.com is the fastest and easiest way to determine your IP address.

Windows Support Center
SUPPORTING MICROSOFT DESKTOP SYSTEMS: Windows Operating Systems & Leading Application Software.

Databases - Further areas for possible research.
A User built and maintained directory of Culinary information.


Gnod is an experiment in the field of artificial intelligence. It's a self-adapting system, living on a server and 'talking' to everyone who comes along. Gnods intention is to learn about the outer world and to learn 'understanding' its visitors. This enables gnod to share all its wisdom with you in an intuitive and efficient way. You might call it a search-engine to find things you don't know about.

Google Computer Tree or full search below.


The Open Directory Project Computer Tree or full search below.


Broadband - Information for and about connection speeds faster than dial-up.
Test your Internet connection, view test statistics, and even add a test to your site.

Test your Internet connection and view a history of test results.

Broadband Reports
The place for Broadband information.

Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning GuideTM
Cable Modem and DSL (e.g., ADSL, G.lite, IDSL, SDSL) tips on increasing speed, enhancing security, fixing problems, sharing a connection, and more.

Humor - The lighter side of computers.
Computer Stupidities
A large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users. It's a baffling phenomenon that in today's society an individual, who might in other circumstances be considered smart and wise, can sit down in front of a computer screen and instantly lose every last shred of common sense they ever possessed.
Dihydrogen Monoxide
The controversy surrounding dihydrogen monoxide has never been more widely debated, and the goal of this site is to provide an unbiased data clearinghouse and a forum for public discussion.
Dumb Laws
Welcome to dumblaws.com, now in design revision 6.0! It's tough to believe this site has been around since 1998, but we're still alive and kicking!
The Easter Egg Archive
In the context of software, an Easter Egg is a hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put in their software. In general, it is any hidden, entertaining thing that a creator hides in their creation only for their own personal reasons. This can be anything from a hidden list of the developers, to hidden commands, to jokes, to funny animations. You'd be surprised just how many things contain Easter Eggs... just look at the list that has accumulated here!
"Anyone Without a Sense of Humour is at the Mercy of the Rest of Us!"
Sugar Bush Squirrel
Sugar Bush Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel who is owned and photographed by Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the 'good life' with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida. A small, lime-green parrot, named Rio, is her big sister and constant companion.
The Unsubscribe Fee
Though subscriptions are free, unsubs cost US$5.00 to US$7.00, depending on your geographical location. The charge appears on your credit card as "HumourNet Communications, Inc." (Please remember this when you get your bill.)
Assorted material by Ze Frank. Some is humorous, some is odd, most all is worth taking a look at.

This Is True

Go to This is True Videos: Take 2 to see a short discussion about the origin of the above video feed.

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